How to Install Reffy Plugin (Beta)
This is a simple article to give you step-by-step instructions on how to get your Chrome extension installed to sync LinkedIn connections

Hey Reffy User!

Welcome to the community! Here is the article you might find helpful installing our amazing Reffy Plugin (Beta) to sync your Contacts from LinkedIn.

Feel free to scroll the slides below. For more information please scroll down.
Step 1 - Download the plugin

Please, first download and unpack (Unzip) the archived plugin

Step 2 - Enable "Developer mode" in Google Chrome settings
  1. Open your Google Chrome browser and follow path below: Settings -> More tools -> Extensions;
  2. Set the "Developer mode" toggle ON.
Step 3 - Upload the unpacked Folder and Pin it.
  1. Press the "Load unpacked" button;
  2. Choose the folder and press "Select";
  3. Then press "Puzzle" icon and press Pin.
  4. Check it Reffy icon appeared in the Chrome tray.
Step 4 - Sync your contacts
  1. Press the Reffy icon in the Chrome tray and press "Sync contact" button;
  2. Wait until the sync process is complete;
  3. See the Green sign and close the plugin!
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