Help companies boost referrals through employees' personal network
Next-gen referral program platform. gives x10 times more referral applications by your own employees’. With simple integration, the system can work independently of the HR system and ATS.
Private and Secure Web app to your employees, managing to grab all the connections in one place. collects all real connections of your employees, securely keeps them in employees' private area, and matches them against all Open Company positions on a daily basis.
the problem number #1
90% of people who have ever referred anyone to his Employer say it happened accidentally.
Even if your Employees really want to help their Company to bring more candidates, they are loyal, but finding the right person to refer to is hard! It’s time-consuming mental work.
We solved it does this work for your employees. The system securely connects Employees' personal networks to the Company's job openings, and once there is a match, the system requests the Employee to make a warm intro to the Candidate.
Deep personal network analysis
Our technology aggregates all the data from all communication tools and privately stores connections in Employees' account.
AI-based open jobs match against the entire Employees network
System runs analysis on a daily basis and suggests your Employee people from their network who are a potential match for a Job.
High employee adoption rate (EAR) is fast and easy and at the same time 100% private and secure (network is not share with Employer if people don't want to)
Make your referral program predictable!
With the Recently.TECH you can reply on referrals
Average numbers
Here are the numbers our clients get with
Average employee personal network is 500+
A company with 1000 employees potentially has 500,000 2nd degree connections network.
For every 1000 employees, companies get at least 1000 people to consider positions after the warm intro by employees every month.
30 hires/mo
1000 people consider positions after the warm intro
300 submit application
30 hired.
Referrals based on deep connection
Not occasional people!
Help your employees do better referrals
The referrals made through are properly scored and guarantee that the Employee and the Referral know each other.
Scoring based on deep connection analysis
Our technology analyses the depth of connection between the Employee and Referral and lets the Recruiter a signal.
The power of the entire larger personal network
It's not only about 10-20 people your employees bear in mind. It's about ALL colleague friends, former colleagues from all the places they worked for, friends, family and more.
No need for fake - employees always have options for refer
Again, help people make up their mind and identify the right person among people they are not in touch with currently, but can easily remember and reach out.
Watch how it works!
Everyone your Employees know, in one place. automatically builds a collection of everyone they know — securely connect LinkedIn, emails, calendars, and Twitter.

The data is always up-to-date. So our technology populates job referral suggestions automatically and keeps them updated over time.
Right person, right time
Thinking of the right person at the right time is like magic. Recently.Tech keeps all the profiles up to date and pulls the right suggestion at the right time!
Simple and efficient
RNI Films UI is simple and efficient. It requires the absolute minimum of taps between opening a photo and sharing the desired result.
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