Auto-pilot for your Employee Referral Bonus Program.
Regular personal network analysis is a hard job, That is why your Employees do not refer enough friends. Help them run referral assistance on auto-pilot.
Watch how works
In-house social hiring platform for growing tech companies.
Help your Employees bring even more talents to your Business.
the problem number #1
90% of people who have ever referred anyone to his Employer say it happened accidentally.
Even if your Employees really want to help his Company and bring more candidates, they find it time-consuming finding the right person to refer! It’s time-consuming mental work.
We solved it does this work for your employees. The system securely connects Employees' personal networks to the Company's job openings, and once there is a match, the system requests the Employee to make a warm intro to the Candidate.
Deep personal network analysis
Our technology aggregates all the data from all communication tools and privately stores connections in Employees' account.
AI-based open jobs match against the entire Employees network
System runs analysis on a daily basis and suggests your Employee people from their network who are a potential match for a Job.
High employee adoption rate (EAR) is fast and easy and at the same time 100% private and secure (network is not share with Employer if people don't want to) does all the routine for your Employees
All they need to do is to Send a message to a person and connect him to the right recruiting professional inside your Company
Private and Secure Web app to your employees, managing to grab all the connections in one place. collects all real connections of your employees, securely keeps them in employees' private area, and matches them against all Open Company positions on a daily basis.
Turn your referral program into reliable and predictable sourcing channel
The new way to refer friends. Check how many people can you refer to your company right now!

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